Vegetalismo is an indigenous shamanic practice that uses master plant medicine from the Peruvian Amazon; Vegetalismo and the accompanying sacred ceremony has been used by Amazonian shamans for thousands of years.

Espiritu de AnacondaIt’s used for a wide range of problems; from depression and advanced-stage cancer to spiritual crisis. A treatment plan combining the use of medicinal plants and sometimes ayahuasca, plus a strict diet restriction is put in place. Vegetalismo offers a unique opportunity of focusing the treatment with a holistic approach to the problem and treating the disease from its SOURCE rather than its symptoms.

The ceremony usually takes place over 5 hours after sunset in a maloka (sacred room) and includes chanting, singing, drumming, sage smudging, and the ceremonial use of tobacco.

During the ceremony, the shaman sings icaros or medicine songs. Each icaro is used to contact a different spirit, for use in healing. In addition, the shaman employs multiple healing practices (i.e. Reiki) to help assist with a participant’s healing.

MetsaNiwueGuillermoArevaloAt the beginning of each ceremony, participants ingest plant medicine, and over the course of the night may experience purging, consciousness expansion, healing, purification, detoxification, and profound realizations.

Essentially focused in the indigenous Shipibo tradition, Espiritu de Anaconda is a healing center located in the Peruvian Amazon, close to the town of Iquitos, where a land base of more than 50 acres allows for a good representation of all aspects of vegetalismo. The healing center, established by Guillermo Arévalo, offers traditional cures, a training area, and an alumni organization in charge of diffusing the knowledge of vegetalismo.

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  1. dunia atmeh
    July 30, 2009 | 4:14 pm

    how can i reach Guillermo the shaman. i have been sending emails to his wife but i did not get any answer. is there a phone number i can use or another way to contact them to book at their center?
    thank you for your help.

  2. dabney
    August 19, 2009 | 7:47 pm

    i cannot seem to find any info on how to contact or visit the healing center espiritu de anaconda

    any help would be greatly appreciated!


  3. Matthew Cambell from mesothelioma cancer
    November 17, 2010 | 7:32 pm

    I never heard about Espiritu de Anaconda but reading this post gives me more knowledge that these kinds of healing exist.I will read more about Guillermo Arévalo and how they done curing people and its effect.