Teresa Schroeder

Chiropractic Mochica

Three years ago, Teresa Schroeder suffered an incomplete quadriplegic spinal cord injury in a snowboarding accident. Since her injury she has had three surgeries, has undergone thousands of hours of rehabilitation, and has tried many remedies both Western and Eastern in nature to help heal her body. While doing this, she returned to college and painting with her limited arm movement and currently helps others who are living with similar injuries.

Now, Teresa has an opportunity to go to Peru to receive a special type of alternative therapy called Chiropractic Mochica.  These treatments are administered by Dr. Laura Pacheco who herself sustained a quadriplegic injury from an accident in the early 1990’s. After spending time in the mountains of Peru with the indigenous Mochica people receiving these alternative therapy treatments, Dr. Laura recovered completely.  She then studied the healing method, and now practices Chiropractic Mochica at a clinic in Lima, Peru called Manos Que Curan.

Chiropractic Mochica

Teresa’s amazing story and journey to recovery can be found at Peruvian Project, a website set up to help fund her healing process. Please visit the site and donate what you can.  Information about about Dr. Laura Pacheco and Manos Que Curan can be found by visiting their website.

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  1. Laura Lesinda
    March 13, 2010 | 10:33 pm

    Where do we sign up?

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