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Ayahuasca – An Amazonian Journey

Written by Sam Slovick (from LA Yoga Magazine)

Vegetalismo is the indigenous Amazonian tradition of spiritual herbalism practiced in the Peruvian Amazon.  It’s an elegant and refind sacred science.  This LA Yoga Magazine story, “Welcome to the Jungle” and accompanying video was shot at a center called Espiritu De Anaconda near Iquitos, Peru.  The compound was founded by Shipibo shaman, Guillermo Arévalo (aka Kesenbetsa), whose objective is the protection, organization and diffusion of traditional Amazonian medicine.  The center offers traditional cures at the healing center site as well as training with traditional shamanic preparation in the isolated jungle.

Arévalo’s medicine name, ‘Echo of the Universe’ is a decidedly prophetic moniker.  His global vision of the ancient practice is rooted in the jungle and developed by his people, the Shipibo-Conibo, and has woven it’s way into the Western world and beyond.

Guillermo is recognized worldwide in the field of Amazonian indigenous medicine, from both western academic and indigenous organizations, and especially by his own people. Vegetalismo is conceivably the most evolved and sophisticated tradition of Amazonian Master Plant healing.

Arévalo is the subject of a documentary film (Other Worlds) by French film director Jan Kounen.

Ayahuasca, Shamanism And The Diets Of Healing

I’ll open your thoughts. By doing so I’ll fill you with joy. By doing so I’ll straighten your thoughts. By doing so I’ll straighten your body. now I’ll heal you to the depths of your heart. By doing so I’ll fill you with immense joy. By doing so I’ll return life to your body and to your thoughts. I’ll heal your being, your body, with the powerful essence of the tree and the universe. so you are joyous, remember my words. so you remember them, I will chant them. Though I’m small, I made your thoughts shine. The universe is in harmony.The word is and ever will be.

–– Shamanic Chants of Kestenbetsa (Echo of the Universe) From Jan Kounen’s Documentary About Ayahuasca, Other Worlds.

Shipibo Tradition – Iquitos Shipibo Shop

Shipibo BraceletFound nestled along the ruddy dirt road on the way to ESPIRITU DE ANACONDA (Iquitos, Peru) is a small shop honoring the Shipibo tradition.  Two beautiful souls, Bastian and his wife Vanessa operate the cool little store about a half hour’s walk from the healing center.  They buy everything from the Shipibos in Pucallupa and always have amazing stuff.  Checkout the video to see some of the different bracelets and textiles they carry.  Most of the goods contain different patterns of Master Plants used in the healing practice of Vegetalismo.

Peruvian Genocide

WEEK OF JUNE 2, 2009:

Police Massacre of Indigenous Protesters in the Peruvian Amazon Linked to US-Peru FTA

Please take a moment to become educated about what is happening in Peru right now if you are not already aware of the trade agreements intending to destroy Rainforest and displace native people: QUIXOTE CENTER

This week, Peruvian officials will meet with in Washington for discussions on FTA implementation. We need to send a strong message to
our government that we stand with the indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon and reject the killing and destruction which current U.S. free trade policies promote.  Reject the killing of indigenous people of the Peruvian Amazon – EMAIL OBAMA HERE.

Teresa Schroeder

Chiropractic Mochica

Three years ago, Teresa Schroeder suffered an incomplete quadriplegic spinal cord injury in a snowboarding accident. Since her injury she has had three surgeries, has undergone thousands of hours of rehabilitation, and has tried many remedies both Western and Eastern in nature to help heal her body. While doing this, she returned to college and painting with her limited arm movement and currently helps others who are living with similar injuries.

Now, Teresa has an opportunity to go to Peru to receive a special type of alternative therapy called Chiropractic Mochica.  These treatments are administered by Dr. Laura Pacheco who herself sustained a quadriplegic injury from an accident in the early 1990’s. After spending time in the mountains of Peru with the indigenous Mochica people receiving these alternative therapy treatments, Dr. Laura recovered completely.  She then studied the healing method, and now practices Chiropractic Mochica at a clinic in Lima, Peru called Manos Que Curan.

Chiropractic Mochica

Teresa’s amazing story and journey to recovery can be found at Peruvian Project, a website set up to help fund her healing process. Please visit the site and donate what you can.  Information about about Dr. Laura Pacheco and Manos Que Curan can be found by visiting their website.

Chiropractic Mochica

Manos Que Curan - Profile

Chiropractic Mochica is Chiropractic Medicine infused with Master Plant Medicine, practiced in the Peruvian Amazon.  It brings ancient indiginious esoteric Master Plant wisdom in line with a hands on healing practice.  It happens at a clinic in Lima called Manos Que Curan; they also have a smaller clinic in Piura, Peru.  The healer is a woman named Laura Pacheco who herself was healed by Chiropractic Mochica after a serious traffic accident that left her quadriplegic with three brain clots and the cervical vertebrae rotated on its own axis (it strangled her spinal cord).

Manos Que Curan