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Ojai Hot Springs

Sulphur Hot Springs

Ojai Hot Springs – Sulphur Hot Springs – Mineral Hot Springs

The natural Ojai hot springs (even some secret sulphur hot springs and mineral hot springs), off the beaten path (near the lake), down a trail, and over a bunch of rocks, are some of Ojai’s best-kept secrets.  The pools mix with the river so there’s always a constant flow of fresh clean water.  Temperature is normally a comfortable 100-105 degrees and provides a great space for meditating as well as offering an alternative therapy cure for a variety of ailments.

What natural elements are found at sulphur hot springs

Because the heated water found in the hot springs hold a greater amount of dissolved solids, they often have a very high mineral content and can contain elements such as calcium, lithium, radium, and sulphur (especially in the sulphur hot springs).