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Bruce Gregory, Ph.D

Sam – did you see Bruce Gregory on ABC’s Good Morning America earlier this week?  He was interviewed for a story called WHEN MOM BECOMES THE BREADWINNER.  As you can gather by the title, the piece was about how more and more, its women who are “bringing home the bacon” in these trying times.  Bruce talks about how this can cause resentment, which ultimately can destroy a relationship:

“And the biggest problem with the resentment is not the resentment itself; it’s that people act it out. And they end up punishing each other and withdrawing, and more tension develops in the home and nobody benefits from that.”

Unfortunately Bruce didn’t get a lot of air time to weigh in on the situation but what he did say I found to be spot on.  As you know (you’ve met him), he’s a phenominal therapist who helps a lot of people (does a lot of corporate work as well) – been in the business of healing for over 25 years and sees clients individually and has three groups per week.  Plus he’s on staff at Ryokan College in West Los Angeles and heavily involved with the work of Milton Erickson and Ernie Rossi.

On a side note, he works a lot with his wife Birgitta Gregory doing couples work.  She wrote a book called GET YOUR RELATIONSHIPS RIGHT which I found very insightful.