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Shipibo Tradition – Iquitos Shipibo Shop

Shipibo BraceletFound nestled along the ruddy dirt road on the way to ESPIRITU DE ANACONDA (Iquitos, Peru) is a small shop honoring the Shipibo tradition.  Two beautiful souls, Bastian and his wife Vanessa operate the cool little store about a half hour’s walk from the healing center.  They buy everything from the Shipibos in Pucallupa and always have amazing stuff.  Checkout the video to see some of the different bracelets and textiles they carry.  Most of the goods contain different patterns of Master Plants used in the healing practice of Vegetalismo.

Organic Supplements

Darin OlienDarin Olien is an entrepreneur who created a company called DARIN’S NATURALS whose inventory includes organic supplement from countries including Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Brazil, Andes, Amazon, Bhutan, and China.  A champion of  fair trade working with indigenous farmers, his mission is to ” distribute the most potent, rare, unique foods, supplements, formulations, herbs and nutraceuticals to the US and the world.”

Darin is currently launching a revolutionary health/healing product line that incorporates oxygen into their supplements. Olien’s other company, GENERATIVE PLANET formed to create a more sustainable planet.