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Vegetalismo is an indigenous shamanic practice that uses master plant medicine from the Peruvian Amazon; Vegetalismo and the accompanying sacred ceremony has been used by Amazonian shamans for thousands of years.

Espiritu de AnacondaIt’s used for a wide range of problems; from depression and advanced-stage cancer to spiritual crisis. A treatment plan combining the use of medicinal plants and sometimes ayahuasca, plus a strict diet restriction is put in place. Vegetalismo offers a unique opportunity of focusing the treatment with a holistic approach to the problem and treating the disease from its SOURCE rather than its symptoms.

The ceremony usually takes place over 5 hours after sunset in a maloka (sacred room) and includes chanting, singing, drumming, sage smudging, and the ceremonial use of tobacco.

During the ceremony, the shaman sings icaros or medicine songs. Each icaro is used to contact a different spirit, for use in healing. In addition, the shaman employs multiple healing practices (i.e. Reiki) to help assist with a participant’s healing.