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Sota Bio Tuner

Sota Bio Tuner from Sota Instruments is a  product out of Canada that deliverers small electro-magnetic pulses that you apply for 20 minute increments.  The clips go on your ears and the device sends tiny electric pulses to your brain to help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.  It features a built-in timer with six pulse settings.  it costs around $135.

Sota Bio Tuner

Sota Bio-Tuner

714x Alternative Cancer Cure


Most promising with the alternative cancer cure 714x is that it can be used in conjunction with conventional therapies and there are no known adverse side effects.  With alternative therapy, this is vital.  Many people who are considering holistic healing or alternative medicine tend to encounter a lot of resistance.  Being able to use this healing method together with mainstream therapies opens up the possibility that more people will try it.  That said, understandably the maker of 714x, Gaston Naessens claims that the product is more likely to be helpful with patients who have not received chemotherapy or radiotherapy and recommends that treatments be given as early as possible in the course of the disease.

714x – Somatoscope – Somatids

The good news is that 714x is a comparatively inexpensive alternative therapy treatment.  It was first developed by Gaston Naessens, a French-born scientist and researcher who for more than 30 years has worked out of his laboratory in Quebec, Canada.  Earlier in his career, Naessens developed the “somatoscope,” a unique microscope designed to examine blood in real time at higher magnification rates than normal microscopes.

By using the somatoscope, Naessens was able to review fresh blood from both healthy people and those with known diseases.  From his findings, Naessens found what he thought to be the presence of living organisms in the blood.  He called them “somatids” and claimed that by observing the presence of these somatids would allow him to diagnose and monitor disease.

Unfortunately, according to Naessens, somatids secrete toxic substances that prohibit optimal cell metabolism, including the metabolism of important immune cells.  These toxic substances set in motion a chain reaction whereby unhealthy cells rob the body of much needed nitrogen. As a result, disease can progress at a quicker rate.

The purpose of this alternative therapy is to interfere with the somatids’ cycle thereby reversing the metabolic disruption that causes disease when somatids are present.  As a result, 714x not only works to help the immune system recover but also to eradicate disease.  714x can be used as a preventative treatment or after someone has been diagnosed with cancer or some other degenerative disease.


Some things to note about 714x

  • 714x has a camphor compound base, chemically combined with extra nitrogen as well as ammonium salts, sodium chloride and ethanol.  Camphor is a natural product coming from the wood of the Cinnamomum camphora – an evergreen most readily found in Asia.  Naessens chose camphor as a base because he believed that the substance has an affinity for cancer cells.
  • Naessens added nitrogen to prevent cancer cells from taking the nitrogen found in healthy immune cells.  By protecting the immune cells, Naessens’ hope was that the immune cells would recover enough to make them available to fight disease.
  • Naessens included ammonium salts because he believed that these salts would improve the circulation of the lymph system found in cancer patients. He also believed that the ammonium salts activated certain proteins that inhibit abnormal cell growth and can therefore enhance the immune system.
  • 714x is administered through injection into the lymph nodes found in the groin.  Videos and manuals on Cerbe Distribution’s website give step-by-step instructions (order the videos, they are fascinating!).  In some instances, 714x can be administered nasally using a nebulizer.  This is recommended for individuals with oral cancer or lung cancer.
  • Each treatment cycle is 21 days in length and consists of a morning injection.  Usually 3 cycles are recommended with a three-day rest period between each cycle.
  • Vitamin B-12, vitamin E supplements, and alcohol should be avoided during treatments.

How to purchase 714x

Currently, 714x is available through Health Canada’s Emergency Drug Release Program on “compassionate grounds.”  Outside Canada, 714x is only available in Mexico and Western Europe.  It is not available in the United States (the FDA is currently investigating it).  More information on 714x including results, trials, and purchasing options can be found by visiting Cerbe Distribution’s website.