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Shealy RelaxMate IIDr. Shealy’s RelaxMate II device provides photostimulation at a safe and optimally relaxing frequency. Invented by Dr.  Norm Shealy, an accomplished neurosurgeon who  spent a lot of time researching pain management WITHOUT the use of narcotics. One of the things that came out of his research was the RelaxMate II as a way to treat both pain and depression.

The concept is pretty simple. Since the discovery of electroencephalogram in the 1920’s, scientists have known that the brain “follows” the frequency of flashing lights. And deep relaxation occurs at these lower frequency rates. The RelaxMate II provides this stimulation.

According to the literature, the optimal amount of time to use it is 20 minutes although many people report a deep state of meditation in 10. Will keep you posted.

Norm Shealy Bio:

By the time he was 4 years old, C. Norman Shealy knew he wanted to be a physician. Just how far down the road that would take him, he could never have imagined at that time. Now, Dr. Shealy’s ideas have been the foundation for pain management therapies used worldwide, and the ”Shealy Program” is the mainstay of chronic pain treatment and management sought by patients and physicians alike.

Shortly after graduating from Duke Medical School, and beginning his career as an accomplished neurosurgeon, Dr. Shealy noted: ”The most common symptom in the world is pain, and yet nobody specializes in it.” At this early phase of his medical life, he decided to look into pain, what causes it, what we can do about it, and how it affects us as human beings.

Sota Bio Tuner

Sota Bio Tuner from Sota Instruments is a  product out of Canada that deliverers small electro-magnetic pulses that you apply for 20 minute increments.  The clips go on your ears and the device sends tiny electric pulses to your brain to help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia.  It features a built-in timer with six pulse settings.  it costs around $135.

Sota Bio Tuner

Sota Bio-Tuner