Radical Forgiveness


Colin Tipping’s RADICAL FORGIVENESS speaks to the difference between traditional forgiveness (where I bestow upon you the power to “forgive” me for doing something “wrong”) and radical forgiveness (a paradigm shift that asks people to be open to the idea that there is spiritual meaning in what happens between people in relationships).  The book presents an easy way to let go of the victim stance and see that poverty is in the eye of the beholder.

The strategies of Radical Empowerment, Radical Manifestation, Radical Relationships, Radical Money and, of course, Radical Forgiveness all use the same technology with tools that access and activate your SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE. This enables you to bypass the stubborn and change-resistant subconscious mind and, as a consequence, get extremely fast results with minimal effort.

Background: All six strategies were originally born out of Colin Tipping’s desire in the early 1990’s to find a way to help people challenged with cancer. Having learned that one of the causative characteristics of people with cancer is a marked inability to forgive, he set out to find a form of forgiveness that would be suitable for them.

It had to be quick, simple and easy to do. It also needed to be free from the need to go digging up the buried past — something cancer folks had always avoided. 
It therefore had to use a part of the mind that was separate and distinct from their subconscious intellect — their Spiritual Intelligence. He found that to be the key to the whole thing.

The Five Stages and the Tools: What was unique about the method was that Tipping created special tools that helped people navigate the five stages of the Radical Forgiveness using their Spiritual Intelligence:

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