Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

You have an unlimited capacity to give… pay it forward!

Though, many people don’t recognize this capacity. They fear that they don’t have enough to give. That they’re not important enough to change anyone’s life.

They are wrong!

Pay It Forward Means Random Acts Of Kindness

If you don’t practice, and understand, the simple power of a random act of kindness, then you are setting limits on your life. Those limits keep you from living a life filled with the fun and joy that comes from simply being nice.

You hear stories all the time of everyday people transforming into heroes just by acting from their hearts under moments of duress. When pushed into a dark corner of life, they dug deep inside to simply do what they had to do in that moment.

Being a hero doesn’t require big, bold acts, though.

You don’t have to wait for someone to “turn off the lights” for you to shine – you can achieve greatness through giving to others, through just one random act of kindness at a time.

All that prevents you from giving more, is the illusion that your resources are limited.

Stop doubting the greatness in YOU.

If you don’t know the true value of giving a kind word, a simple thank-you, or just really listening when you ask someone how their day is, then you are dismissing the true value of what you have to give, sadly tarnishing the heart of gold given to you at birth.

Our desire to do things BIG and make a MASSIVE impact on the world saves lives EVERYDAY.

But you don’t have to save Africa, jump in front of bullets, or build homes in Haiti to put your mark on the world.

Don’t wait to be a hero, when all it takes to touch someone’s soul is to say thank you, you’re welcome, hold a door, help someone with their groceries, or just be patient with the checkout person when all you want to do is scream.

The little things, as we like to call them, can have a compound effect in peoples’ lives. Just as bad events can seem to have a domino effect, so can good things – so why not jump start some goodness in someone’s life?

Change one person’s day for the better, pay it forward and you can change the world.

Watch this inspiring video which highlights true events, reminding us how average people (and one dog) tapped into their spirits, stepping up to make the impossible happen.

Sometimes, all it takes is one woman to refuse to give up her seat for the entire world to be set on fire.

The One Act Revolution…pay it forward by spreading the word and asking yourself one question…

What can I do to light up someone’s world RIGHT NOW?

2 Responses to Pay It Forward
  1. Hilary
    July 21, 2011 | 8:21 pm

    Thanks for a beautiful article. The power of pay it forward has so much potential. It really does matter, and we really can make a difference. It’s certainly something I want to pass on to my children.

  2. Sarah
    July 23, 2011 | 6:04 am

    Thank you, what a beautiful, truthful and inspirational article.