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Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward

You have an unlimited capacity to give… pay it forward!

Though, many people don’t recognize this capacity. They fear that they don’t have enough to give. That they’re not important enough to change anyone’s life.

They are wrong!

Pay It Forward Means Random Acts Of Kindness

If you don’t practice, and understand, the simple power of a random act of kindness, then you are setting limits on your life. Those limits keep you from living a life filled with the fun and joy that comes from simply being nice.

You hear stories all the time of everyday people transforming into heroes just by acting from their hearts under moments of duress. When pushed into a dark corner of life, they dug deep inside to simply do what they had to do in that moment.

Being a hero doesn’t require big, bold acts, though.

You don’t have to wait for someone to “turn off the lights” for you to shine – you can achieve greatness through giving to others, through just one random act of kindness at a time.

All that prevents you from giving more, is the illusion that your resources are limited.

Stop doubting the greatness in YOU.

If you don’t know the true value of giving a kind word, a simple thank-you, or just really listening when you ask someone how their day is, then you are dismissing the true value of what you have to give, sadly tarnishing the heart of gold given to you at birth.

Exercise Ball Chair

Exercise Ball Chair

What is an exercise ball chair?

Although many people claim that once you have back pain you have it forever, the exercise ball chair is an alternative therapy product that works to minimize or completely relieve and cure you of your back pain by strengthening the muscles in your back and improving posture.  Moreover, it does so while you are sitting.  Also known as the yoga ball chair and stability ball chair, the exercise ball chair provides a good alternative to both the conventional home or office chair.

The four most popular manufacturers of the chair are Gaiam, Health Mark, Isokinetics, and FitBall.

Shipibo Tradition – Iquitos Shipibo Shop

Shipibo BraceletFound nestled along the ruddy dirt road on the way to ESPIRITU DE ANACONDA (Iquitos, Peru) is a small shop honoring the Shipibo tradition.  Two beautiful souls, Bastian and his wife Vanessa operate the cool little store about a half hour’s walk from the healing center.  They buy everything from the Shipibos in Pucallupa and always have amazing stuff.  Checkout the video to see some of the different bracelets and textiles they carry.  Most of the goods contain different patterns of Master Plants used in the healing practice of Vegetalismo.

Sensory Deprivation Tank

The Venice float lab has 2 chambers where you can meditate in an isolation tank for 90 minutes for 40 dollars.

Float Lab builds immersive environments that eliminate all outside influence. The chamber dimensions are 4W x 7H x 8L. Inside is a ventilated enclosure with additional oxygen being provided. It contains 12 inches of solution consisting of 1000 pounds of Epsom Salt and approximately 200 gallons of water, which is then heated to 95 degrees [external body temperature]. The solution is maintained by utilizing UV and Ozone technologies as well as other advanced components that provide the ultimate purification system. Once the body is suspended in the solution the brain is no longer required for gravitational navigation or external input processing.

Turbo Sonic® patented technology accelerates the body’s natural healing response, increases cellular oxygen circulation, enhances cellular nutrient uptake, stimulates fluid movement and facilitates cellular waste removal.

“The standards are those we have found necessary for reliability of operation, for safety, and for maintenance of a hygienic environment. Low cost of operation and safety are favored over low initial investment; if a more expensive item meets our standards and decreases the cost of operation we use it rather than a less expensive item that may be less reliable, unsafe or costly to operate in the long run (one year or more). A cheaper item may end up generating far more cost in terms of unreliable operation, redesign cost, time spent on its maintenance, anxiety over its unsafe operation, and its potentially unhealthful effects on persons using the tank.” By John C. Lilly, The Deep Self

Ojai Hot Springs

Sulphur Hot Springs

Ojai Hot Springs – Sulphur Hot Springs – Mineral Hot Springs

The natural Ojai hot springs (even some secret sulphur hot springs and mineral hot springs), off the beaten path (near the lake), down a trail, and over a bunch of rocks, are some of Ojai’s best-kept secrets.  The pools mix with the river so there’s always a constant flow of fresh clean water.  Temperature is normally a comfortable 100-105 degrees and provides a great space for meditating as well as offering an alternative therapy cure for a variety of ailments.

What natural elements are found at sulphur hot springs

Because the heated water found in the hot springs hold a greater amount of dissolved solids, they often have a very high mineral content and can contain elements such as calcium, lithium, radium, and sulphur (especially in the sulphur hot springs).