Breathwork Circle

David Elliott, a clairaudient and author of  THE RELUCTANT HEALER, is a phenomenal healer who for years has been working with people to help them unblock stuck energy from their bodies.  He coined the phrase, “Where awareness goes, energy flows.”

David’s views suggest that for healing to occur, control must be placed within an individual rather than directed or dictated by an external source.  He believes that healing comes through owing one’s own healing potential, facilitated by a conscious connection to Spirit

In a nutshell, David’s method uses a simple breath process, called pranayama yoga, in which oxygen stimulates the hypothalamus gland into releasing endorphins that stimulate the other glands, which he refers to as chakras.  Stuck energy is released in the body and feels like a tingling sensation.

In his book THE RELUCTANT HEALER David claims that each person is a healer capable not only of healing self, but also of healing others. Paramount to his theory is the belief that we are all healers on a journey which “demands a person to change, grow, and evolve…. Otherwise one’s Spirit, mind, and body may shrivel and die.”  David believes that people’s energy gets stuck on either a physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual level. The reason for stagnation is due to a person’s connection with past events, which creates pain, or the expectation of future events, which creates fear.  He maintains that the present is where a person is able to choose experiences; it’s in the moment where peace is found.

Apart from private and group healings, David also conducts training classes all over the world (4 different levels) – the classes are absolutely life changing (plus its a good way to learn to help others and learn to BREATHE).  Check out the class info HERE. He’s got some coming up in the LA area @ THE HUB.


One Response to Breathwork Circle
  1. Dal from Glandular Fever
    March 10, 2011 | 5:05 am

    Another “traditional” healing method? I do believe that the nature (just as in our body) has the power to overcome any illness. The only thing needed is how we “activate” the power.